Single-Serve Office Coffeemakers

Perk up with the touch of a button! Choose from Capitol Coffee’s variety of one cup coffee machines for office coffee that’s hot and ready on the spot.

Compact and easy to use, Capitol Coffee’s one cup brewers are perfect for the conference room, breakroom or waiting area. Plus, single-serve coffeemakers reduce waste - with only one cup brewed at a time, cold, leftover pots of coffee are a thing of the past. Add one as a perk for employees, or show your appreciation for guests and clients with the convenience of an office coffee system.

A coffee for every taste

Our huge selection of coffees means everyone in the office can find a favorite, whatever their preference may be. From dark roasts and exotic blends to flavored coffees and decaf options, single-serve coffee systems let employees brew a cup of joe just the way they like it.

Choose from popular brands like Green Mountain, Starbucks, Alterra, Folgers, Larry's Beans, Counter Culture, Seattle's Best, and Peet's. Go gourmet with cappuccinos, espressos and lattes, create your own coffee shop atmosphere.

But our single-serve beverage systems don’t just make coffee - these machines offer up the ultimate in individual choice, with teas, cocoas and specialty drinks like chai lattes and more. Learn more about our hot beverages .

One cup coffeemakers for small, medium
large offices

At Capitol Coffee Systems, we can meet your office’s coffee needs, whether you have 15 employees or 500. Visit our product pages to find out which single-serve coffee machine is right for you:


Flavia Logo

Made by Mars Drinks, Flavia drink stations serve gourmet beverages from Alterra Coffee Roasters, The Bright Tea Co. and more. Combine your favorite tea or coffee with Dove, MilkyWay and other swirls packs to create indulgent mochas, lattes and other indulgent drinks.


Keurig Logo

Keurig brewers are popular for their simple design and endless beverage choices. Choose from favorite K-Cups like Green Mountain, Coffee People and Wolfgang Puck coffee as well as Bigelow Tea and Celestial Seasonings - all brewed at the touch of a button.



At Capitol, we call these our “green machines.” Douwe Egberts brewers are our most environmentally-friendly drink systems and serve up a great cup of coffee!


Starbucks Logo

Serve up your favorite Starbucks coffees from the convenience of your office with the iCup coffeemaker. One-touch, bean-to-cup grounding and brewing make this a great way to enjoy gourmet coffee in your workplace.


Dejong Logo

De Jong Duke office espresso machines don’t just make a better cup of coffee -- they reduce waste and costs by eliminating the need for individual coffee pods. Just have Capitol Coffee deliver your favorite whole-bean coffee, then use the interactive touchscreen to choose your beverage; the De Jong brewer does the rest! Fresh ground, premium coffee or espresso in a matter of minutes. Over time, using this whole-bean coffee machine (versus a single-serve brewer) can provide significant cost savings.